Parts Arrived


It was very exciting to get all the pieces and parts in.  Then you realize you have 145ish hard drives to install.  Which for those of you that like doing math, is 580 screws.  Tiny screws.

This screwdriver saved me a few hours of work.  I can’t recommend it enough.


It took about 3-4 days working part time to get everything assembled.  The did come with mounting rails and dual heat sinks.  Both were good quality.  At the time we build these we saved about $700 per server vs an equivalent dell with a 3yr warranty.  We are currently about 2.25 years into this build and the only thing we’ve replaced so far is a DIMM that started having ECC errors and that was taken care of by Crucial.  I’ve become a big fan of Crucial because of their Lifetime Warranty on server ram.

SYS-6027R-TRF – 2U Boxes


We used about 30 of these drives for our Hyper-V replication targets.


The screw driver in the picture below.  GIANT POS!  Worked for about 10 minutes and the motor died!  It was like $10 at Walmart so what can you expect.